“Great Wall of Poland”

animated short, 2'51''

Animation shoot on 16mm camera, 2021

directed by Aga Jarząb / kinoMANUAL
music by Pedra Ferro
sound editing by Maciek Bączyk

Building defensive walls has a centuries-old tradition, as long and colorful as their effective forcing. Perhaps the barbed wire fence on the Polish-Belarusian border will stop the onrush of refugees, helpless, unprotected, desperate people played unwated role in a geopolitical game. However, in the long run, the inevitable will happen anyway.
Even if we consider refugees as a threat, the wall can’t protect us from them. Much more serious and real dangers are hiding behind it. Viruses easily jump through the highest entanglements and cause an epidemic. Cyber viruses infect computer networks and disrupt work and communication. Our relations and social behavior are moderated by large corporations whose capital allows us to buy any dam. As if that were not enough, no fence or bell-glass will protect us from a climate catastrophe.
All of this scare me more than refugees.
Building walls along lines on the map is the perfect way to do politics by managing fears. That is why the fairy tale about the Great Defensive Wall On The Border is still told and still eagerly listened to.

Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Animowanych Animator POZNAŃ,
Serbest International Film Festival KISZYNIÓW,
International Human Rights Film Festival WIEDEŃ,
Ogólnopolski Niezależny Festiwal Animacji O!Pla,
International Animated Film Festival Animateka LJUBLJANA,
Analogica non-competitive festival, BOLZANO,
Dresdner Schmalfilmtage DREZNO,
Wystawa Wydziału Grafiki i Sztuki Mediów ASP we Wrocławiu GDAŃSK,
World Festival of Animated Film Animafest ZAGRZEB,
„The Celluloid Specimen” LABOCINE

Nagroda Specjalna im. Wojciecha Juszczaka za Szczególne Walory Artystyczne przyznawana przez Dyrektora Artystycznego Marcina Giżyckiego, na Międzynarodowym Festiwalu Filmów Animowanych ANIMATOR w Poznaniu.
III Nagroda w kategorii „OFF&GO”, Ogólnopolski Niezależny Festiwal Animacji O!Pla