kinoMANUAL is a small, independent audio-visual production house focused on experimenting with the moving image and sound. We mainly explore analogue animation techniques such as hand-drawn, cut-out or direct cinema. We enjoy manual contact with film and production process itself. kinoMANUAL creates films and objects that correspond with a rich tradition of moving images, kinetic art and experimental cinema.

kinoMANUAL to mała, niezależna manufaktura audio-wizualna, skupiona na eksperymentowaniu z ruchomym obrazem i dźwiękiem. Eksplorujemy głównie analogowe techniki poklatkowe: animacja rysunkowa, wycinanka, non camera. Lubimy kontakt tworzywem, którego używamy. kinoMANUAL to filmy i obiekty, które chcą korespondować z bogatą tradycją ruchomych obrazów, sztuki kinetycznej i kina eksperymentalnego.

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6 IX - 25 X 2019
"Testimony in Practice"
Project based on the testimonies gathered from Central and Eastern Europeans living in the UK and designed by Emma Lockey and Maciek Baczyk of KinoManual.
Exhibition open from September 6 to October 25 2019 in CENTRALA Gallery Birmingham, England
see photos from the opening

21 IX - 10 XI 2019
Our brand new animation as an instalation entitled Restless Cinema in ASIFAKEIL / Q21, MuseumsQuartier,Wien
Exhibition open from September 21 to November 10 2019, 19:00, Raum D / Q21
see photos from the opening


20-21 IX 2019 /// Kinomural 2019 | Nadodrze
For two evenings the walls of the Nadodrze district will be entrusted to artist from all over the world. They will become canvases for moving pictures. However, these will not be typical graffiti murals, but ephemeral projections in various forms ‒ from video-art through sound performance and experimental cinema, to audio-visual installations.
see event video

13 IX 2019 /// "Milky Medium" performance on Wydźwięki/Resonances 2019
Galeria EL, Elbląg
see FB event

17 V 2019 /// Milky Medium performance by kinoMANUAL
during WRO 2019 Media Art Biennale in the BAKERY / Wrocław
see WRO website
see FB event

Pin Park + kinoMANUAL on TOUR in UK
2 V - Tankstation - Enschede (NL) see info
3 V - The CUBE Microplex - Bristol (UK) see info
5 V - Flatpack Festival - Birmingham (UK) see info
7 V - Star & Shadow - Newcastle upon Tyne (UK see info
8 V - Soundgas.com
9 V - Iklectik - London (UK) see info

IV 2019 /// "25/25" - the Best Polish Film at 9th IAFF ANIMOCJE
Jury statment: For the best Polish film, we award an independent experimental short.
Engaging, watchable, expertly animated, and reminiscent of constructivism, this abstract piece also has excellent sound design.
see ANIMOCJE - competition winners

27 IV 2019 /// "25/25" won III Prize during O!Pla Polish Animation Festival
/ FORMANIMY section /
see O!Pla website / 2019 competition winners


01.12.2018 /// KAJTEK by kinoMANUAL (music video of Pin Park)
will be screened during LIAF London International Animation Festival 2018
see details

07.12.2018 ///Pin Park + kinoMANUAL LIVE
SpaceFest! Festival, Gdańsk
see details

13.12.2018 /// 25/25 by kinoMANUAL will be screened during Piccolo Festival Animazione 2018, Pordenone, Italy Visual&Music program

25-28.10.2018 /// Punto y Raya Festival 2018 in Wrocław (Poland)

"Animated with only 25 drawings, this film is literally a playground for abstract narration. By exploring its limitations, it develops joyful multiple stories that are complemented by both, diegetic and abstract sounds."
Punto y Raya 2018

09-31.01.2018 /// kinoMANUAL: Site-Specific Animation - exhibition in Entropia Gallery, Wrocław
see details


03.12.2017 /// kinoMANUAL ‘Direct’ Animation Experimental Workshop at London International Animation Festival
see LIAF website
Direct filmmaking workshop by kinoManual /// see the result movie

26.10.2017 /// Pin Park + kinoMANUAL live /// KRAUT NIGHT #1 /// BARdzo bardzo club, ul. Nowogrodzka 11Warszawa
see the details

05.2017 /// New album trailer made by kinoMANUAL!
see the video
Pin Park's debut album "Krautpark" out in May 2017 on Instant Classic.

05.2017 /// The first official music video of "Krautpark" made by kinoMANUAL.
see the video

20.04.2017 /// letters.EHO screened during the Best of Punto y Raya 2016 at The Exploratorium, San Francisco
see details

26.04.2017 /// "2" with a soundtrack of Pin Park will be screened at ANIMOCJE Film Festival in Bydgoszcz.
The New Polish Animation competition.
Program of the competition here

18-23.04.2018 /// At the O!pla Polish Film Festival you could see "2" and "Pointing to a Marvel" (Animated Videoclip competition).
"letters.EHO" and "Le Sol" will be screened in Formanimy competition.
see details


photo by Larry Cuba from fb/puntoyraya

09.2016 /// We would like to very proudly announce that letters.EHO by kinoManual (Aga Jarząb/animation and Pin Park/music) won third (yellow) prize on Punto y Raya Festival!!!
"A well designed film that makes creative use of, and expands on, direct on film aesthetics."

Letters.EHO is based on visual score which was originally a 16 mm non-camera film
letters.EHO can be seen here:
and the Score here: