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Deep in the image

Solo exhibition in Hallands Konstmuseum, Halmstad, 2016

In the project ‘Deep in the Image’ microscopic water samples from Nissan turns into a stop motion animation by Aga Jarzabowa, Maciej Baczyk with music by Pin Park.

Sound can manifest itself in many different ways… What happens if you go down to the depth of Nissan’s water?

As KinoManual – a small independent audiovisual manufacture focused on experiments with moving pictures and sound – we were looking for a way to show this specific environment, which is similar all over the world, and at the same time a little bit different in each place.

Our idea for the story of the Nissan River was associated with our desire to look at the reality in a large magnification. We wanted to combine the aqeous micro-world with the miniature space of a single 16mm film frame.

We will look at the microscopic images of water samples from the Nissan River. These images will become the specific material for our film.

Preparation of the slide for viewing under a microscope is like preparing a single frame of film. You need a dish with a drop of organic material covered with small coverslip. In our experiment, the Nissan River will provide organic material while a single film frame will be used as a coverslip. The organic and cinematic realities will merge to create the space for improvisation and experimentation deep in the image.

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“Deep in the image”, 10:44, soundless