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We are living at the crossroads of two eras, one hand in the analogue 20th century, the other – in the digitized 21st century. Digital media are becoming outdated much faster than earlier analogue generations. Therefore, consciously, we are looking for forms and techniques that will allow our moving images to escape from the digital disintegration affecting next generations of computers, storage media, operating systems, etc. …

We limit our craft to the simplest – though not the easiest – cameraless techniques. We do not want to lose the tactile contact with the material we use. The manual process of producing a film is an important factor which influences us. We do not want to contest modern technologies, on the contrary, hours filled with hundreds of tiny gestures make us respectful of their extraordinary computing power.

“KinoManual” means a kind of art strategy at an early stage of exploration: movies and objects that want to correspond with the rich tradition of moving images, kinetic art and experimental cinema. In the modern maze of new media, “KinoManual” is a map leading to the simplest phenomenon of the persistence of vision.


“Frame Footage”

“Artificial By Nature”


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