StillFrame Cinema – about the project

What it is "StillFrame Cinema"

StillFrame Cinema (formerly called “Pocket Cinema”) is the project based on slide projectors from analog era, formerly known as Lanterna Magica.¬†We started to explore the concept of multisource visual performance during the art residency at Filmverkstaden in February 2019.

Our idea of creating home made cinema entertainment is no “pocket” anymore: the equipment we gathered during three years fills the medium size van so, to avoid unconvincing explanaition, we have decide to rename the project to “StillFrame Cinema”. The change highlights the origine of moving image we create, because our visual compositions are built from single still slides. The slide projectors are modified by rotating devices, blended the slides with extra shapes and colors. We often combine this light effect with digitally animated projection.

The audiovisual setup for Pocket Cinema gives us the possibility of perfoming synaesthetic improvisation /Aga – VJ and Maciek – DJ/ as well as building freestanding installations. Furthermore, it can be used as a unique light-tool for stop-motion animation.