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Random camera

Hand-painted Cameraless Animation workshop for children,
during Punto y Raya Junior 2019,
CeTA Audiovisual Technology Center in Wroclaw, Poland.

Punto y Raya Junior
Category: MEDIUM (8-10 years old)

All winners

The film explores various plastic techniques (paint, drawing, collage…) using film strips as canvas. The children created a collective ‘abstract random film’, experimenting with the delicate balance between order and randomness, structure and chaos, and making a small tribute to John Cage and his chance operations. Workshop taught by Agnieszka Szarmach and animation duo KinoManual (Aga Jarząb and Maciek Bączyk).
The film was produced by OKiS Culture and Arts Centre in Wroclaw within the context of the cultural and educational programme Kropka i Kreska – Lower Silesia in Abstract Film programme, with the support of CeTA Audiovisual Technology Center.