animated short, 04'20''

direction: Aga Jarząb, Maciek Bączyk
animation and editing: Aga Jarząb
sound: Pin Park

Letters.EHO is an animation based on visual score created  from 16 mm non-camera film.

In August 2015 I worked in small analougue film studio “Filmverkstaten” in Finland making short non-camera 16 mm animation. Focused on visual composition of forms, colors and shapes on celluloid strip I didn’t care about the final movement. I started to seek for solution to avoid eye vexatious flickering. Finally the film stripe became the basis for the music score.

Each frame of the film (lasting 1/24 of a second) rotated and set horizontally, became the graphic representation of one second of sound. The score also set a new duration for the animated images. I used the layout and color scheme of the original frames and animated them in computer under the new audio-visual rules.

The sound of letters.EHO was inspired by early recordings of electronic music from experimental music studios (like Polish Radio Experimental Studio). The analog character of the graphic score (16 mm celluloid strip with non-camera film) follows the composing tradition of 50’s and 60’s.
The score was interpreted and executed by a team of Pin Park (Maciek Polak and Maciek Bączyk).

Punto y Raya Festival 2016 – III award

Jury statement: “A well designed film that makes creative use of, and expands on, direct-on-film aesthetics.”