Pocket Cinema № 4

The Virtual Canvas - online exhibition



Presented as part of The Virtual Canvas, the project entitled “Pocket Cinema” is an attempt to transfer the special aura accompanying the projection of analogue moving images into the virtual sphere.

Direct link to the kinoMANUAL project: here

Drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of experimental cinema, kinetic art, light art and colour music, the kinoMANUAL duo create audiovisual installations and live performances using traditional slide projectors and hand-made slides. By manipulating light, colour filters, sharpness and image movement, they compose complex and multi-channel projections, complemented by sound and digital animation.

The use of mechanical optical devices, and the resulting problems and imperfections, affects the aesthetics of the work. Such equipment ensures the characteristic softness and subtlety of colours and shapes, as opposed to the mathematical precision of the digital image. Transferred into virtual reality, the physical limitations of analogue devices allow the artists to narrow down their field of experimentation, select the right means of expression and order the creative process.

One could say that the “Pocket Cinema” project is nostalgic. The multi-element composition presented in the depths of the internet is an oddly funny story not only about the pleasure of using analogue image to communicate in the era of digitisation, but also about searching for harmony between the two realms, and above all – for harmony between the movement of forms, their colour and sound.